Citroen DS3 Sport

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Citroën DS3 Sport

Bonjour, mes amis. Comment ça va?
 When driving the Citroën DS3 you’ll become aware of how people look at the DS3. Not just a look that you give a bright shiny new car either but that appreciative look you reserve for cars in the ridiculous price brackets.  Perhaps, because you don’t see a lot of DS3’s, perhaps because despite it’s size and gentle curves it really does just stand out in the crowd.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It Motorsport


Beautifully crafted leather seats welcome the driver to slip into a sporty driving position while offering great support for a comfortable drive. The inner door panels are also leather which adds to the premium feel of the DS3. I have one gripe with the interior and it is minor, the shiny black plastic trim shows dust and fingerprints all too easily. The centre arm rest is best stored in the upright position when driving in the city to prevent it getting in the way of the handbrake lever but once you’re on the open road, the DS3 Sport’s domain, you can drop the rest back down and get comfy. The flat bottomed steering wheel is adorned with three stalks. One for the lights, one for the bluetooth phone commands and number three for the wipers etc. Most manufacturers have opted to place the phone and radio controls on the steering wheel but if you can operate a smart phone this shouldn’t challenge you in any way.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It Motorsport

The centre console offers GPS Navigation, CD Radio,  Bluetooth phone setup as well as the AC controls below a large display screen. Rear park sensors also display warnings via the display screen. The DS3 is definitely driver orientated and like most two door hatchbacks, rear leg room is not excessive.


The DS3 styling is sporty and fun. I never quite figured out when the vertical LED strip of lights were on but they are pretty. Chrome finishes above the grill and on the doors are pleasant accents to an attractive body shape that give a look of sophistication. The wide grill helps the DS3 strike a menacing pose on the road. We liked the two tone sporty 17 inch alloy wheels shod with 205/45 rubber. The perforated pedals hinted at a racing pedigree and the DS3 Sport did not disappoint. Keep an eye out for the cabriolet version, internet images promise quite a sexy option.


There’s an interesting silver knob on the dashboard that infuses air freshner into the cabin via the air ducts, either it was empty or I couldn’t figure it out. Check with a dealer on how this works.

The Drive

The Citroën DS3 Sport comes into it’s own on the open road. Acceleration is excellent from this 120kW 1.6 Sport engine via the six speed box. Citroën claims 0 – 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds which is more than adequate but more importantly overtaking is a pleasure with the power delivered evenly through the revs and in any gear. Top speed is claimed to be 218 km/h. Road holding is very good with very limited body roll. The DS3 Sport is awesome to drive and while the claimed 5.6 l/100km is probably achievable it’s nowhere near as fun as the 7.2 we achieved.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It Motorsport

The stickers on the bonnet, doors and roof aren’t extras I would choose but somewhere out there, a young person is craving the individuality this might give on an already exceptional car with true curb appeal. Book a test drive at your local Citroën dealer and see the almost endless colour configurations available to new buyers.


We really enjoyed the DS3 Sport. We were impressed with the design and styling as well as the drive and the comforts were top notch. The aircon was a little noisy when working overtime at 38 degrees but that’s preferable to melting. The DS3 Sport is a very good car with just about every extra you can imagine.
Price: R 336 900 incl. Emissions taxes and VAT
Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It Motorsport
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Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It Motorsport

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