Citroen DS3 Review

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

Citroen DS3

I very purposely planned to shoot this car in Cape Town with my fashion and model photographer Frank Moody, because this car to me is visually beautiful, it is a piece of motoring art. Citroen has recently started coming into their own with models like the new C4 and this, the DS3. The best part is that they’re not just pretty cars but are wonderful to drive as well. Driving the DS3 in and around Cape Town was an absolute joy and when I left for Jozi I really wanted to take the DS3 back with me. It is an extremely nippy car and feels settled on the road. This car has loads of personality. The wheels are even matched to the specific colours on each DS3 – according to the roof/bodywork colour, and I think this is such a lovely touch.

Inside it feels comfortable but the black dash attracts dusts and although when you get in the car it looks good, one small trip and it’s dusty. The speedo and dashboard were nicely finished off, and fitted in perfectly with the car’s character. I really did like the styling. There is hardly any space in the back seats but I managed to get 4 of us in the car a few times. Luckily I have petite Cape Town friends! The boot is surprisingly spacious and when we did the shoot we basically managed to move the studio into the parking lot via the Citroen’s boot.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

The consumption isn’t excellent but it isn’t that heavy. It did well with what was asked of it. Visually, it’s very noticeable. I loved the contrast of the roof in a different colour to the rest of the car. The iPod connection is neatly done and easy to use. The sound is good and this model had extras such as parking distance control and automatic lights. Both worked well and the park distance control was actually useful at times.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

This car really is a sexy car, not just to look at but also in the way it drives. It is just fun and it wants to play. The gearbox is excellent for twisty sort of drives and it’s more suited to back roads than to highways. Although it’s more than comfortable on highways, its personality comes out through the turns. I almost bought one of these cars, and for me this car is an image changer for Citroen. Suddenly Citroen is a cool and sexy brand again and the DS3 is the forerunner of this.

Specs Worth Noting:

Price: R261,900.00

  • Gearbox: 5-Speed Manual
  • 0-100kmph: 8.9 seconds
  • Power Output: [email protected]
  • Torque: [email protected]
  • Auto Headlamps: Optional
  • Park Distance Control: Optional
  • Airbags: Driver, Passenger, Front Side and Curtain.
  • Braking System: ABS, EBD and ESP.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


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I got my untamed interior designer (and the model with the Citroen) to give us her comments on the French girl, the DS3. Jo ( had this to say.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

When Dirk told me about the Citroen DS3 I was apprehensive. “Not another French car?!” I mouthed over the phone as he discussed with some enthusiasm his photo shoot concept. Still, I agreed.

And that was how I happened to be leaning against my car in a parking lot in town waiting (not so) patiently for Dirk and Frank to meet me, watching the passing cars, when this sexy silver and burgundy little hatch sailed past. It was the Citroen! What a pleasant surprise.

After such a happy introduction, my reservations melted and armed with an open mind I made my acquaintance with the Citroen.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

In truth the DS3 is just another retro styled hatch back. It’s the details that make it special. A cut above the rest you might say. My favourite is the colour coding. If you have, say the silver and burgundy DS3 like we did, your roof will be burgundy. Along with the roof, your side view mirrors will be burgundy. The inlays of your wheel nuts will be burgundy, even the detail on your car key will be burgundy.

Inside is nothing special really except the dash. The dashboard is stunning – glossy and black. Otherwise, the seats are comfy, the gadgets are gadgety and the cupcakes are delicious – I’m not sure your experience will include a cupcake, but mine did; compliments of Dirk who is not only obsessed with French cars, but cupcakes as well.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

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