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Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It   Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.8L Limited AT

The Voyager really surprised me with its entire collection of buttons. I really loved the level of automation in the Chrysler. The ease with which you can automatically rearrange the back seats was so much fun. The seats in the boot go in and out at the touch of a button, and you can even choose to keep one seat up and the other folds away. It was wonderfully versatile and extremely spacious. I really enjoyed my time with the Voyager, far more than I thought I would. The car is extremely driveable for such a big and heavy vehicle. The fuel consumption was quite heavy, but it is a big car.


The dashboard was neatly done and was extremely user friendly, styling was a perhaps a bit bland but it did its job well. It is an ideal Soccer Moms car. It was simple to do things, and the buttons were actually all useful. The sliding doors that opened at the touch of a button were really a great feature. They were automated and could be accessed from the back seats as well as from the driver’s side, which is great for parents. What’s also nice is that the boot and doors can be opened remotely as well.  All the convenience and luxury comes at a hefty performance cost as the motors to automatically open all the doors and move the seats about no doubt add in excess of 100 kg, something you feel at the pump and when trying to overtake.


This ia an excellent and potent people carrier. The size takes some getting used to but once you spend some time in the Voyager you do feel comfortable and at home. I think it’s extremely versatile and it is designed for convenience. For South Africa the size might be a little bit of an issue in some places, as parking it in tight spots takes a little care! It does have park distance control which does help a lot. It is nimble to drive though at times you do feel it’s on the large size. It is far from nippy and at times can feel cumbersome. From a driver’s perspective it is extremely comfortable to drive and with a lot of the controls on the driver side of the vehicle you feel in control.

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All in all I was extremely impressed with the Voyager and its versatility. It is my 2011 family car of the year for sure. The Voyager doesn’t have auto windscreen wipers and auto head lamps, which a lot of its competitors do have. It does have heated seats which work wonderfully and which I always like on the bigger cars. Heated seats for me in an SUV is a must have. Safety wise it has everything you would need in a car of its size, so the Soccer Mom can drive along happily knowing that this car is extremely safe.


Specs Worth Noting:

  • Engine: 3.8 Petrol V6
  • Price: R460,990.00
  • Gearbox: 6 Speed Automatic
  • Power Output: [email protected]
  • Torque: [email protected]
  • Auto Traction Control: Yes
  • Auto Head Lamps: No
  • Xenon Headlamps: No
  • Remote Side Mirrors: Electric
  • Sliding Roof: Option
  • Auto Windscreen Wipers: No
  • Heated Seats: Front
  • Park Distance Control: Rear
  • Satellite Navigation: Option
  • Air Bags: Front Dual Stage, Front Sides and Full Length Curtains.
  • Side Impact Protection: Yes
  • Brakes: Power Assist Tandem, Diaphragm Vacuum, 4ch ABS, ESP, TCS and BAS



  • Citroen Dipatch HDi 140 passenger: R374,100.00
  • Fiat Scudo 2.0 Multijet Combi: R402,584.00
  • Hyundai H1 2.5 CRDi GLS: R379,900.00
  • KIA Sedone 2.9 CRDi EX Automatic: R383,995.00
  • Mercedes-Benz Viano CDI 3.0 Ambiente: R669,900.00
  • Opel Vivaro 1.9 CDTi Enjoy: R325,990.00
  • Peugeot Expert 2.0 HDi Tepee Leisure: R367,050.00
  • Toyota Innova 2.7 7-seater: R265,500.00
  • Volkswagen T5 Caravelle 2.0BiTDI: R545,875.00


RunRideDive’s opinion:

The Chrysler is a massive vehicle. Heavy on the curb and heavy at the gas station. All the little electric motors are excessive and although they may make life easier when “soccer mom” has 3 or 4 kids running around and no one to help carry the groceries they are a sign of the times where airplane seats are being made wider to accommodate the American passenger. Obviously supersized people need supersized cars to go with their mac and fries and this is where this vehicle will find its market. The price tag is quite reasonable considering the amount of motors and electronics required to automate everything to the nth degree. Finishes are very good in the Voyager and the motor performs admirably when prompted. Not my first choice if I was in the market for such a vehicle but I’m sure there are plenty of folks who appreciate the gadgetry on this otherwise fine vehicle.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

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