Cell C Goodwave Waiting Period Kicks In

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The Cell C Goodwave surfing event, one of the most unique surf contests in the world, has started its one-year waiting period and the contest organisers are eyeing out the upcoming swell forecasts.

Presented by South African Surfing Legends, this tournament is a single day event, is for invites only, and there are 32 competitors as well as 32 alternates.

The organisers wait for that one day of the year when the New Pier – the best wave in Durban and arguably one of the finest beach breaks in the world – is at its best. Then the green light is called, competitors gather on the Durban beachfront on the morning of the event, and it’s sudden death all the way through to a winner.

That person – the winner of the 2017 Cell C Goodwave – will walk away with R100k. It must be noted that as per tradition, the entry fee is still R1.00, payable on the day, prior to the start of the first heat.

“It’s an all-out, hardcore surf event without all the unnecessary bells and whistles,’ said contest consultant and founder Barry Wolins. “We start early, and we surf until it is done. It’s a long and full on day at the beach and it’s all about the surfers, and at the end of the day one deserving surfer will walk away with R100k. The formula is simple, and with Cell C on board the event is guaranteed to be a huge success.”

Due to the fact that when New Pier gets big and perfect it is very difficult to paddle back out, the contestants have the use of jetski assist. This helps those surfers who advance to conserve some energy and strength for the later heats of the day. The finalists will surf four heats in pounding surf, enough to sap the energy of the fittest surfer out there.

World Surf League South Africa General Manager Colin Fitch is one person who is very pleased about the upcoming event. “WSL Africa is excited to be involved with the Cell C Goodwave,” said Fitch. “South Africa is blessed with some really great waves as well as some fantastic competitive surfers”.

When the forecast for the New Pier starts looking exciting, the contest organisers call in the expertise of the noted surf forecaster Steve Pike from www.wavescape.co.za to help with the call. When the call is made and the event has a Green Light, the surfers have 48 hours to get to New Pier for an early start on the day.

California Dreaming, overlooking New Pier on the beachfront, will host the competition on the day. Oakley is a supporting sponsor.

The Cell C Goodwave is a South African Surfing Legends event, with Jason Ribbink the contest director.

image: Alternate surfer Matt Pallet on a New Pier bomb © Dawn Rouse

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