Caterham wins F1

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Before a single  tyre warmer has been unpacked, Caterham wins.

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2013 Caterham


Dirk and I looked at the F1 cars for the 2013 season. Without considering anything besides physical beauty, yes we at RunRideDive are shallow, Caterham wins narrowly from Lotus and third place goes to Ferrari, almost half a lap back. Drivers may have a small input in the actual results of the racing but then we’re not really bothered with that part of the season just yet.

My top 3 in reverse:

The Lotus is a beautiful car, black cars with flash trim are always attractive. Lotus has this down. I’m quite fond of the Caterham, I like the British racing green and they have produced a different looking car, innovation in design perhaps, I like it. My pick of the cars is the Sauber. There’s just a certain something I can’t identify that screams sex appeal, to use a term floating around a lot lately, this is car porn.

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The sexiest car in F1 2013, my opinion, of course

My bottom 3

I placed the Force India in the bottom three because I find the colours off-putting, so much so that I can’t really be bothered to look at the car. The Torro Rosso, scores less points for appeal because it’s just a 2nd rate Red Bull and you shouldn’t run more than two cars in F1. The Marussia isn’t attractive to me on any level. It does appear to have the shiniest tyres though.


Dirk’s top 3 in reverse:

I like the Marussia, the design reminds me of the Arrows of days gone by. I love the Lotus, it blends classic racing colours with pedigree; it just looks like a race car. The Caterham has a Jaguar feel to it, like a Le Mans car, beautiful.

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Marussia – nice shiny tyres

Dirk’s bottom 3:

The McLaren doesn’t look finished. More Gillete than race car.

The Williams is dull and uninteresting to look at.

The Force India looks more like a cigarette box than a race car.

My winners:                                                                       Dirk’s winners:

  1. Sauber
  2. Caterham
  3. Lotus
  4. McLaren
  5. Williams
  6. Ferrari
  7. Mercedes
  8. Red Bull
  9. Force India
  10. Torro Rosso
  11. Marussia
  1. Lotus
  2. Caterham
  3. Marussia
  4. Ferrari
  5. Torro Rosso
  6. Red Bull
  7. Mercedes
  8. Sauber
  9. McLaren
  10. Williams
  11. Force India


So you can clearly see that Caterham has put a stunning car on the grid and Force India, delivered a pineapple dressed in Pirelli’s.

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The beautiful Lotus for 2013

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Ferrari – it’s red, it’s pretty traditional


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Red Bull

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Torro Rosso – like Red Bull but crap

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Williams – nice, like the lady at the library

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Force India – a pineapple dressed in Pirelli


Which one is your car porn and which is your pineapple?




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