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“Let Nature Give You A Run For Your Money”

The action of the 7th annual ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance, SA’s premier three day stage trail run, culminated at the picturesque Houw Hoek Inn on Sunday, 15 March 2015.

Top trail runners AJ Calitz and Bernard Rukadza of Team KWAY set the course ablaze claiming their second stage victory for the weekend in a lightning fast time of 01 hour 30 minutes 45 seconds, successfully defending their title for 2015. “Today’s stage was very tactical,” says Calitz. “It was hard to tell whether the other teams wanted to go for the stage win or for the overall win. Bernie and I just sat behind Eric and Thabang, letting them work upfront. Every time they slowed down, we would slow down. It is war out there, but we’re all still friends afterwards. Bernie and I are definitely better friends now than ever before”. Team KWAY completed the 2015 ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance in a combined time of 06 hours 46 minutes 18 seconds. Eric Ngubane and Thabang Madiba of Team Salomon came in second, while Edwin Sesipi and Johardt Van Heerden of Team 32gi Gauteng finished third.

Run Ride Dive News

Yolande Maclean and Nic De Beer of Team CW-X Ultraspire claimed their hat-trick win of the weekend, securing the overall mixed team title in an impressive combined time of 07 hours 40 minutes 46 seconds. “It is really awesome winning the overall title, especially with this being my first AfricanX,” says Maclean. “I loved taking part. I still have a lot of improving to do, but this was perfect training for the upcoming Oceans”. Kerry-Ann Marshall and Morne Van Greunen of Team Enduro Hub came in second, while Natia and
Antoine Van Heerden of Team Twinning finished third.

Nicolette Griffioen and Carla Van Huyssteen of Team ProNutro Timefreight shook things up in the women’s race. Although they claimed the Stage Three victory in an impressive time of 01 hour 49 minutes 05 seconds, it just wasn’t enough to grab the overall victory from race leaders Meg Mackenzie and Landie Greyling of Team Salomon Blondies. “We are really happy with the overall win,” says Mackenzie. “Landie woke up with a sore throat again. So we just gave as much as we could, while trying to take it easy at the same time. It is amazing to win the overall title”. Team Salomon Blondies completed the three stages of the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun in an impressive combined time of 08 hours 06 minutes 26 seconds. Nicolette Griffioen and Carla Van Huyssteen of Team ProNutro Timefreight came in second, while Inge Visser and Liesbeth Van Der Merwe of Team Ganbei finished third.

Overall Results (Stages 1, 2 and 3 combined):

Run Ride Dive News

GC / Overall Results: Stages 1, 2 and 3 combined
Women’s Results
Group_GC Team# TeamName Runner1 Runner2 Time GC
1 113AB Salomon Blondies Meg Mackenzie Landie Greyling 8:06:26
2 155AB Team Pronutro Timefreight Nicolette Griffioen Carla Van Huyssteen 8:41:56
3 103AB Ganbei Inge Visser Liesbeth van der merwe 9:29:34
4 105AB Team HD Alex Adie Jane Swarbreck 9:41:44
5 146AB Turbo Thunderbirds Kelly McKenzie Sam Reilly 9:55:19

Men’s Results
Group_GC Team# TeamName Runner1 Runner2 Time GC
1 269AB KWAY AJ CALITZ Bernard Rukadza 6:46:18
2 271AB Salomon Men Eric Ngubane Thabang Madiba 6:51:11
3 282AB 32gi Gauteng men’s team Edwin Sesipi Johardt Van Heerden 7:07:30
4 247AB Drip and bungy outlaws Rohan Kennedy Dawid Visser 7:19:35
5 252AB Suunto Salomon Andrew Erasmus Christiaan Greyling 7:27:51

Mixed Teams Results
Group_GC Team# TeamName Runner1 Runner2 Time GC
1 352AB CW-X Ultraspire Nic De Beer Yolande Maclean 7:40:46
2 358AB Team Enduro Hub Kerry-Ann Marshall Morne Van Greunen 7:51:44
3 360AB Twinning Natia van Heerden Antoine van Heerden 8:20:39
4 346AB Aan-Die-Brand Frederik Lotter Naomi Brand 8:26:32
5 355AB Team name? Brett Nattrass Ronel Nattrass 8:49:36

Images: Volume Photography

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