Buffelspoort Ultra Triathlon

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Buffelspoort Ultra Triathlon race report by

Emmanuel Roccas

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Buffelspoort Dam Triathlon is hosted at a lovely bushveld venue situated in the North West province just outside Rustenburg.

The dam water is very clean and warm.  On the day at race briefing, I think they said it was 24 degrees Celsius so we had the option to swim with or without a wetsuit.  I opted to swim with my wetsuit.

SWIM (1.9km)

There wasn’t a big field so I placed myself near the front of the pack so that I could get away from the slower swimmers.

I did not have a comfortable swim the first lap for whatever reason but eventually sorted myself out and had a better second lap.

I nearly bailed; I just couldn’t get comfortable in the water.  Maybe because the water was so warm.

My swim time was 00:27:52.


Run Ride Dive News   BIKE (90km)

What a tough bike course.  It was good training for IronMan.

At about the 48k mark, you hit this mountain that you need to climb.  I think that my speed up the mountain was about 8kph.

Once over the mountain, I reached a staggering 70kph odd.  Very scary reaching that speed.

The bike was a two lapper of 48km for whatever reason it was longer than 90km’s and this was announced at the race briefing.

My bike time was 03:13:21.




RUN (21km)

Run Ride Dive News   Also a tough route.  Three laps of 7km’s.

It was very hot on the run.

Going out, there was no wind but as you hit the turn around, you had an awesome breeze behind you that cooled you down.

I latched on to a guy and we ran together most of the way but he dropped me with about 6km or so to go.

A tough run indeed.

My run time was 02:01:54.


A very tough event and it was good preparation as part of my IronMan training.


I might be back.

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