BUCO Origin Of Trails Stage One equates to single track heaven

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Stage One of the BUCO Origin Of Trails Two-Day MTB Stage Race will kick off in Stellenbosch on Saturday, 25 November 2017.

An individual rider race, entrants can choose between three entry options:  Long (+-55km on Saturday and +-58km on Sunday), Medium (+-55km on Saturday and +-29km on Sunday) or Short (+-28km on Saturday and +-29km on Sunday).

Long Course Information:

“Stage One will start at the Coetzenburg Soccer Field and head straight for the world famous trail network in Jonkershoek,” says Corrie Muller, BUCO Origin Of Trails Route Designer.  “The moment the route turns left into Starke-Conde Wines, the long climb will start up an oak-lined alley, past vineyards into pristine Fynbos. Then it is straight into Specialized Country.  I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag by sharing the entire route, but exciting sections to look out for will include:  Bennet’s Trail, Fire Hut Single Tracks, an ascent up Lower Canary, the gardens of Ride In, Coetzenburg, Eden, Mont Marie and of course the grand finale, the gem of all trails, G-Spot followed by the brand new Cross Country (XCO) course for next year’s world cup.”

Distance:  +- 55 km

Vertical climb:  1530m

Amount of Single Track:  20.7 km

Water Tables:

  • Water Table 1: on 18 km
  • Water Table 2: on 33 km
  • Water Table 3: on 43 km

Short Course Information:

“This year the short route will not turn off at Ride In,” continues Muller.  “Riders will follow the long route all the way up into Jonkershoek where they will have the luxury of riding their own trails.  They will exit Jonkershoek and merge with the long route riders into Coetzenburg.  After two climbs, the route will separate again just above G-Spot where they will do the G-Spot “B-Line” before re-emerging in Coetzenburg.”

Distance:  +- 28 km

Vertical climb:  710 m

Amount of Single Track:  7.5 km

Water Tables:

  • Water Table 1: 8 km
  • Water Table 2: 18 km


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