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Anastasia Tshobanopulos Interview

A good friend of the blog Anastasia Tsobanopulos recently started doing Body Building competitions, since we didn’t know much about this side of fitness, we asked her to tell us more about what she does for the site!

We must say seeing progress has been amazing, and she should be proud of what she is achieving!

Run Ride Dive interviews

(RRD) What has been your motivation to get fit?

(AT) I was always into being healthy and fit, but it would come in phases (I’m sure most people have gone through this too). But after I lost my mother to cancer in August 2011, I just neglected my health completely. It was only in November 2013 that I realized the deep hole I was digging myself into and I decided to get my health back on track.

I got myself my first ever personal trainer and I just grafted hard since then and never stopped.

(RRD) When did you realize that you were at a point where you could compete in competitions?

(AT) I’ve always loved a challenge. Especially one that takes me out of my comfort zone completely – and that’s what I did. The day I decided to compete, I was in fact nowhere close to being ready to compete. I had no muscle definition and I was actually at my heaviest I’d ever been – and not in the good kind of way. So I got myself a coach (Geoff from Gymspo) and I made it public that I would be competing in my first ever show – 6 months out. I think most people thought I was mad – but I did it.

Run Ride Dive interviews

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(RRD) What is your current training regime?

(AT) Currently I am 10 weeks out for my next competition so I do the following:

I do fasted cardio in the mornings, which would be 40 min moderate cardio and 20 min HIIT. Then I do weights in the evenings with a bit of cardio after. The cardio I choose to do is incline walking on the treadmill, stepper, and spin bike. I go to the gym twice a day and I take a rest day when my body tells me to rest.


(RRD) Tell us about your first competition?

(AT) The first competition I did was the IFBB Garden Route Casino Bodybuilding Classic in Mosselbay, 4th July 2015. I thought I would be a lot more nervous – but I kept my cool somehow. I just remember wanting to get onto that stage, I was so excited. I felt amazing, all glammed up, and so confident. The second I hit that stage I knew this was my passion. That bug bit me real hard.

Run Ride Dive interviews

(RRD) For those of us that don’t know, how the does the competition get judged?

(AT) There are different categories that you can register to compete in. Starting at Beach Bikini, Fitness Bikini, Body Fitness, Women’s Physique etc. The category I competed in was fitness bikini. Beach bikini is a lot “softer” than fitness bikini for example. Depending on your category you will get judged on proportion, mass, definition, symmetry & stage presence.


(RRD) What are your aims going forward?

(AT) I’m going to continue competing. When you wake up every morning with this hunger to succeed and to push yourself to new limits – you just know that you can’t stop. I can’t wait to see where this sport takes me one day. Quitting is definitely not on the cards. And it’s also so rewarding when you inspire others to make a change in their lives for the better.

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(RRD) When is your next competition?

(AT) My next competition is 2nd April 2016 – IFBB Shameen Classic 2016. It will be helpd at the Bellville CPUT in Cape Town. Come down and support!


(RRD) Do you use any supplements in your training?

(AH) Yes I do. During my cardio and workouts I sip on BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid) as well as Glutamine. I would usually also drink whey protein, but close to the show I cut it out of my diet. I also use fat burners when I do my cardio – but this is only when I start cutting for a show (having to lean down).

Run Ride Dive interviews

(RRD) What advice do you have for lady athletes looking to get into the sport?

(AH) If your mind set isn’t right – turn around and don’t bother putting yourself through it. Your mind is the only thing that you need to train the hardest – the rest comes easy. If you’re strong willed and able to take control emotionally – then you’re a winner already. And if that’s you – I want to meet you! Coz I love people crazy enough and who share the same love and passion for this sport.

Run Ride Dive interviews

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