The blue moon has risen

Run Ride Dive Home

Manchester City

After a somewhat disappointing season behind us, another is starting and it’s time to look forward to our next Premier League title which no doubt will be this season. It is time for the blue half of Manchester to be Champions again.We Should at least make the Champions League final, especially after Joe Hart showed Messi why he is the world’s best player.

Our signings have been good. Sterling is obviously a future superstar and 49million will be seen as a bargain in years to come. He’ll add that extra dimension we’ve needed to push overselves to the next level. We have also signed a future England Captain in Fabian Delph. Great deal and he should slot straight into our already fantastic midfield. Otamendi adds much needed steel and experience to our central defense. Making us the complete squad.

Mangala has shown he’s adjusted to the EPL and now is no doubt one of the best defenders in the league! Even Sagna has returned to the first team showing class and form.

The start of this season proves the brilliance of our team. The Charming Man, Pellegrini, has found his formation that will no doubt take us on to European glories! The draw has kind in the Champions League allowing us a nice lead in to the knock-out rounds.

The start of the season shows how complete our team is, we don’t need to panic buy like the other half of Manchester. We only sign quality players. The greatest team in England will be the greatest team again!

Just look at our squad and revere in our greatness.
Run Ride Dive Home
Joe Hart in goals, best keeper in England by a mile. Internationally, only Neuer comes close. Mangala and Kompany make the greatest defensive partnership we’ve ever seen. Right back we have our gladiator Zabaleta, one of the best signings the club has ever made. Left back we have Kolorov and his shot gun of a left boot, nothing brings a Citizen more joy than seeing Kolorov running down the left of our midfield! Fernandinho is showing why he’s one of the world’s most under-rated players, he’s been our classiest player this season. And there is Yaya, he is a special player. He’s a catalyst, a player that can change a game, change a season, in an instant. Yaya will be this player for us again this season!

We now have Kevin De Bryn, Raheem Sterling and David Silva doing the creative work, and no doubt scoring a mountain of goals. Striking fear into the hearts of defenses across the continent. Who can stop that level of creativity and skill? We haven’t even mentioned Sergio Aguero – who is basically the best player in the world. Ronaldo who?

This season he will show why he should be EPL Player of the year and FIFA Ballon d’Or winner.

We will win everything, and break all your hearts. A Blue Moon has risen!

Oi Fergie, we’re having a party! Noisy enough for you yet?

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