Blue Moon Going Strong

Run Ride Dive Home

We of course had a City moment and let everyone back into the reckoning in the EPL and our Champions’ League group, but we’re City we never do things easily and always make things entertaining! After a horrendous time against Spurs, with some interesting off side calls – extremely bad calls, that would give Jose an aneurism. We made up for it with that performance against Newcastle. Aguero showing once again why he is the best player in the Premier League.

New signing Kevin De Bruyn has made Mourinho look shambolic in letting him go – especially considering where they’re currently in the table. Rodgers off to Chelsea? At least then they’ll get Europa League next season…

Run Ride Dive Home

We’ve survived a few key players being out and shown the strength of the depth of our squad. Had some youngsters coming through well – showing the progress we’re making with our academy. We have some massively exciting players coming through so expect a few names in our starting line up as the season progresses! Patrick Roberts could well be one of the more surprising bargains of the season!

We have a few injuries but at City that just means rotation of the squad, we have the quality in depth and we’ll show that again and again this season. Bony will show he is a more than able deputy to Aguero! I can’t wait to show the red half of Manchester why they’ll always be the other club in Manchester.

Run Ride Dive Home

We’re top of the table and we’ll surge back in our Champions’ League group. It feels like a treble year, but this time it’ll be for the Citizens to make history! We have the squad, and we have the quality. We have the charming man, Pellegrini at the helm, this will be our season!

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