Bass Lake 4×4 with Suzuki ZA

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This week I was afforded an opportunity to join Suzuki on a 4×4 course presented at Bass Lake.

Bass Lake is situated about an half an hour South of Johannesburg, close to Midvaal race track, next to the town of Henley on Klip. My most recent memories of Bass Lake prior to this trip are all diving related with a distinct flavour of helluva cold water at this time of year.

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Allan scampering away as the Grand Vitara turns into the obstacle

The Bass Lake facility is run by a charismatic guy with tons of patience; I don’t envy Allan.

After a cup of coffee and a muffin we got stuck into some light theory on the the different configurations of high and low range gearboxes from which I learnt that if the terrain is unsuitable for speeds above 30 km/h and low range is available on a vehicle, then that is what you should be using. The Suzuki Jimny that we would drive after the theory class was immediately put into 4×4 low range as we set out onto the obstacle track.

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Suzuki Jimny perched just ahead of the big drop

3 Jimny’s and a Grand Vitara on the course with one experienced guide and ten journos .. this should be fun.

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Big tilting action here

Drivers of varying offroad skill took turns to navigate the obstacles and bar one incident, when a driver who will remain anonymous, tried to kill half the other participants by failing to follow instructions every obstacle was safely traversed without any damage to persons or vehicles.

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The Suzuki dancing on the steep slope

At the end of the day we all gathered at the restaurant next to the lake and a brief ceremony followed where certificates where handed out. A great day out, some great people and some valuable driving skills acquired.

With sunset approaching quickly I drove back towards Johannesburg thinking I should take my own 4×4 offroad more often. I have learnt some skills about approaching terrain which at first may appear to be impossible but with a quick walk and a solid plan I now know can be safely conquered without risk to man or machine.

Give Allan a call and go do this course, you will learn that speed and power mean very little compared to knowledge and approach when it comes to offroading. Details on the course I did here.

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