Arsenal FC, The Greatest Team Ever

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I am by all accounts a reasonable man, I take measured decisions and consider the views of others when make decisions. My career requires that I am fair and impartial and I try to carry those aspects into all facets of my life, with one exception. I am a Gooner, a member of the Red White Army. When it comes to things football I am in no way impartial or fair, I wear a clearly Red and White tinted set of glasses. That is why I have been asked to contribute to this peace for my completely true and obvious views on the best team that football has ever had the pleasure of seeing – The Arsenal.

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So just to start this off, our players are the best, the ref is always wrong when the decision is against us and always right when the decision is for us and it was always a foul every single day of the week! I am extremely excited that football will be returning this coming weekend and I cannot wait to see just how amazing the Emirates looks, the grass is always just greener at the Emirates than anywhere else.

After the past weekend where we gave Chelsea a lesson in how football should be played, I am exceptionally excited for the start of the new season. Le Prof (AW) has not been too busy in the transfer market yet this season but we have brought in a World Class shot stopper in Petr Chech, and he brought the keys to Chelsea’s bus with him. We seem to have a wealth of young talent and I am super excited to see young players like Ox, Wilshere and Rambo get a long injury free run in the team. That would be an exciting midfield and I am looking forward to seeing how Ozil does this season he just seems to be more settled. Would love if Alexis was back already but he deserves a little bit of extra rest after the great Copa he had with Chile. I know he will bring that form back to the Gunners and when he and Ozil click that attack will be unstoppable. We recently extended the deals of Theo and Santi which is also very exciting and bodes quite well for the season to come. Based on the performance against Chelsea as well I am expecting big things from the BFG and Kos as our main defensive pairing, they looked calm and relaxed against Chelsea and absorbed the pressure that Chelsea tried to exert.

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The obvious thing to mention is that the Community Shield Win means that Le Prof breaks a 14 game streak against the “grumpy one” and I am expecting more of that this season. I expect that should we keep majority of our key players fit we should be breaking a number of the negative streaks that have built up and have a few good streaks against some of our biggest rivals.

The Arsenal has what is possibly the best bench in the premier league this season and I think that we should be on for the double!

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Here is to Arsenal, Arsenal FC, The Greatest Team the World has Ever Seen!


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