Affordable topless motoring in the MX 5

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

The 2016 Mazda MX-5

We went to the South African launch party when Mazda introduced the newest version of the MX-5 to the local club and we were smitten with it’s sporty looks. The evolution in design became even more obvious seeing it parked next to previous generations of MX-5 and while every shape has it’s fans all were in agreement that the latest installment was the best by far.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


The Mazda MX-5 Roadster is a 2.0-litre petrol engined cabriolet that offers up 118 kW and 200 Nm of torque through a slick short-shift 6-speed manual transmission. The MX-5 comes with a cloth soft–top roof and leather-upholstered seats as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, handbrake lever and gear knob. The MX-5 rides on 17-inch alloy wheels and infotainment is taken care of via a 7-inch display.

Let’s cut to the chase, it’s a great little car to drive. It accelerates beautifully, it handles quite literally like we think all rear wheel sports cars should but it’s not for everyone.



The steering is precise and the ride comfortable but getting in and out of the roadster requires a little effort. The engine doesn’t quite roar at you even with the roof down but you’re unlikely to notice with the wind in your face and the attention on you from passing motorists and pedestrians.  The car really does attract a lot of eyes, deservedly so, in our opinion.


Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


It’s a fun drive more than a racecar but she will demand your full attention with all the power on the rear wheels and very little weight at the back of the car. There are some quirks that will irritate you like the position of the cup-holders, the way the flimsy boot lid closes, but if you’re driving it for fun you can stop to discuss your route at a decent coffee venue and probably won’t put much in the boot anyway.

Priced at R 437 000 the Mazda is an attractive entry model to topless motoring fun.



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