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Most people who know me are aware I have a passion for cars. Not just race cars and drift cars, but also interesting cars, innovative cars and cars with a certain je ne sais quoi. Only a few people know that I also really enjoy writing – ok, usually about cars!

That’s why, when Marcel Sigg from www.runridedive.com invited me to write about cars for his website, I jumped at the chance. I’ve already written a few pieces for the site about various cars and motorsport related experiences, so fortunately any grammatical errors must have escaped his steely Swiss eye for me to have been invited back in a more regular capacity…

It’s very opportune, as I presently find myself without a daily drive. Sometime last year, my road car underwent a transformation, starting with a turbo conversion and somehow progressing into a full on competition drift car. As a result, I’ve been watching new model releases with more interest than usual, with an eye to eventually getting a replacement for my own car.

I’ll be trying out various new models and assessing them from a female purchaser’s point of view, backed up by my experience of driving a number of pure performance cars. Women wear many different hats and working girls have different requirements to full time Moms, for example, so I’ll be evaluating cars from a number of angles. Road safety is a cause very close to my heart, so standard safety features and factors such as good driving lights, major blind spots, etc will be noted.

Of course, the racer in me will be sure to find out if cars deliver what they promise in terms of performance and handling, too, and we definitely won’t be restricting ourselves to Mom’s Taxi assessments! Hopefully, my reviews will be relevant to anyone with an interest in cars and motoring, and I’m looking forward to starting off with the new Opel Corsa 1.0 T Enjoy in August.

Run Ride Dive Home

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