94.7 cycle challenge 40km

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94.7 cycle challenge 40km

10th November saw the very first 40 km race in the Momentum 94.7.  For those cyclists who feel the main race is just too much for them this race was the perfect filler.  The race course was 8 laps of 5kms each around the Waterfall Estate residential area.  Participants were slotted in to 10 minute interval departure times.

Cyclists from all ages participated in this race, which perhaps was part of the reason why the first few laps was very frustrating.  Certain areas on the course bottle necked from young or inexperienced riders coming to a grinding halt in the middle of the road on the 1st ascent.  This caused quite a few accidents and as you can imagine a few angry cyclists.  There seemed to be quite a few very experienced riders using this race as training for the main race.  This is really not the kind of ride that you can have all spectrums riding in due to the pace.

Another interesting twist this year was the addition of the “bush bash” diversion, for those cyclists who wanted to give their mountain bikes a good run.

The event was very well run in all other aspects, there were plenty water points – 3 within the 5km route.  Perhaps the 1st one could have been placed a bit better as it was on the 1st ascent which also caused a bit of chaos from people just stopping dead.

All races never go without incidents, of which I saw a few nasty falls.  Luckily I escaped without injuries this year.  2 years ago I wasn’t so lucky with 15 stitches to the knee on the mountain bike challenge.  The medical support has always been fantastic at these events with this one being no exception.

While the 40km race was on the go the children’s race took place as well.  This was very congested getting to the start – almost to a standstill but it seemed the little ones had a great time doing their 5 laps of 1km.  Our budding cyclists of the future.

Thankfully the weather played its part giving us a nice cool start and the sun came out a bit later.  All in all I think a great day was had by all.  Now we just await the photos. J

Good luck to all doing the main race on the 18th November.  Have a safe ride.

Karen Nicholls

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