6 best Premier League Kits for 2016/7

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We’ve studied the released 2016/7 kits in depth and after hours of deliberation and many breaks for refreshments, our completely unbiased, no really, assessment of the next season’s top 6 English Premier League football kits is as follows.

6. Bournemouth’s Home Kit

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Nice shot too, even with the fake spray

The home kit for the season looks neat. Nice design, nice collar, the sponsor’s logo doesn’t spoil the shirt, good job.

5. Middlesbrough’s  Away Kit

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Miserable photo, looks like the players were cut out and pasted on a dodgy background

Nice colour, clean lines, great design and the sponsors logo doesn’t intrude. Unlike the home shirt which makes you think the boat is sinking.

4. Liverpool’s Away Kit

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We still don’t like Liverpool but this shirt is quite nice, pity you can’t wear it anywhere

Of all the shirts released by Liverpool this season (Home, Away, Training, Pre-Match etc.) the away is the only one you want to be seen in, if any at all.

3. Leicester’s 3rd Kit

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Class act for the champions, some of the players even look happy with life

Leicester have revealed all three of their kits but the 3rd is by far the most attractive. Good job Puma!

2. Chelsea’s Home Kit

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Personally I wouldn’t go with the whole brawler stance on an already unpopular player

I like the Chelsea lion pattern. V-necks are still stylish and surprised that adidas didn’t put three stripes on the shoulders.

1. Swansea’s Away Kit

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I’m in love. Turquoise, is my new favourite colour. Damnit! It’s a welsh team, won’t be buying that.

I like it. Unusual colour, neat design, nice accent on the collar and sleeves. A winner in my books, great job by JOMA.


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