5 reasons why you should watch Sevens Rugby

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1. It’s rugby, we’re South Africans. We’re quite good.

We’ve had a few disappointing games against New Zealand where we either had the lead and lost the final in the dying seconds or the match has been lost due to a single bad on-field decision. Overall we’ve competed well and a better result in Dubai would’ve seen us breathing down the Fijians necks.

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At the Start of the Singapore 7s we’re quite nicely poised

2. It’s about handling and the showmen, like Sonny Bill Williams and Quade Cooper come out to play with all their tricks.

3. It’s all about speed. Our very own Seabelo Senatla, Kenya’s Collins Injera and the USA’s Perry Baker can change a game in the blink of an eye with electric pace, a knee-twisting step and an eye for the goal line.

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Senatla prooves you only need one boot to score if you’re faster than greased lightning

This collection of Perry Baker clips shows the difference between Rugby Union and 7’s, highlighting the finesse of the short game. Sure there’s always a place for the strength of forwards but 7’s puts the spotlight on handling, speed and decision making rather than bulldozing drives and tight phase play.

4. 7’s is played at a frenetic tempo with halves only lasting 7 minutes so there’s no time to waste. I recently heard a stat that said the ball was in play less than 50 minutes on average in any Union game. That’s 30 minutes of not playing … If you string a bunch of those stop-start phases together you’ll quickly realise how easy it is to lose interest for the average Joe.

Sevens Rugby doesn’t give you time to breathe between the action. Your beer will usually even last you a full half.

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Kenya’s Collins Injera

5. 7’s will be a new sport at the Rio Olympics and we’re in with a chance to medal.


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