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We’re back!

We’ve had quite a nice intro to the 2017/18 season with lots of goals and some inspiring performances from Liverpool, Huddersfield and Manchester United. Tyron, an Arsenal fan, will be feeling a bit of a burn from that last match prior to the international break but sits 5th in our Superbru league before the weekend kicks off so he might have had an inclination as to the result prior to the humbling at the hands of Klopp’s men.

First match this weekend is a cracker: RESULT: Man City 5 – 0 Liverpool

Dirk – Man City Fan

Man City 3 – 2 Liverpool

It has been a bit all over the place for City form wise, but they’ve shown a lot of character and passion to fight their way back into matches. I think Liverpool will be a great test for the them though and it will be end to end action. Defensively I feel City are superior to Liverpool, and I think this will be the difference here.

Tyron – Arsenal fan

City 2 – 1 Liverpool

Liverpool signed the Ox, they should get used to inconsistency personified. City’s firepower at home should be good enough

Marcel- Man Utd fan

City 1 – 1 Liverpool

I’m not convinced that City have enough to keep the Reds at bay. City, like Liverpool have their strength in forwards. The difference is the style of play, energetic pace for the Reds and intricate Fraudiola passing for the Citizens. I think 75% home possession and Liverpool score on a fast break, points shared.

RESULT: Arsenal 3 – 0 Bournemouth

Arsenal 1 – 1 Bournemouth

Early season Arsenal hey. Extremely unconvincing thus far and there wasn’t much to take away from the Liverpool game that things will be any different anytime soon! After their good performance against City, the Cherries can come into this game with confidence that they can cause an upset. I see them cancelling each other out here.

Arsenal 2 – 0 Bournemouth

Arsenal are in crisis, that’s usually when they win a game again. Ozil and Sanchez to score, fans to forgive Wenger until next week when they want him out again.

Arsenal 1 – 0 Bournemouth

No one likes the international break but perhaps Wenger was able to spread the Zen and bring some sort of harmony to his disgruntled players. The Ox is gone but would he have played? Plucky Bournemouth would love to steal a point while the gunners appear to be on the brink of collapse but a revival will be on the cards or #WengerOut will be louder than ever.

Take a look at the goals Lacazette scored in the previous season and ask yourself why he didn’t start against a pub team like Liverpool:

RESULT: Brighton 3 – 1 West Brom

Brighton 0 – 1 West Brom

Brighton can’t score right now and unless they bring in another striker really quickly I can only see a West Brom win here. West Brom have started this season extremely efficiently and I can see them notching another good away win here again.

Brighton 0 – 1 West Brom

Brighton look average. West brom look above average.

Brighton 0 – 1 West Brom

West Brom have started the season well. They already have 7 of the targeted 45 points so the collapse and loss of form is quite a way off for them. Brighton look like the favourites of the promoted teams to go straight back to the Championship.

RESULT: Everton 0 – 3 Tottenham

Everton 2 – 1 Tottenham

Spurs have been really unlucky lately, doing everything but winning. I just got the feeling it will be another frustrating away game for their fans against Everton. Koeman is improving this Everton side and even though there are a lot of new faces, I think they’ll gel well enough to get the win here.

Everton 1 – 1 Tottenham

I don’t like Tottenham. So Rooooooooooooney!!!

Everton 1 – 1 Tottenham

Harry Kane to score now that August is behind us. Everton at home is a tough match for any visitor. I don’t think Koeman has had enough time to work with all his new recruits yet. Points shared for me.

RESULT: Leicester City 1 – 2 Chelsea

Leicester City 1 – 1 Chelsea

This is a hard one to predict because Chelsea have looked vunerable. I’ll put my neck out there and predict a draw, with neither side convincing enough to walk away with all 3 points.

Leicester 1 – 2 Chelsea

Chelsea are a good side and are still the champions. Leicester are still nursing a hangover from two seasons ago.

Leicester City 1 – 2 Chelsea

The thought crossed my mind that Leicester could upset Chelsea based on the opening day fixture when Chelsea collapsed hilariously at the Bridge but then it is Leicester and when they not winning the title they only wake up in January to mount a survival bid.

RESULT: Southampton 0 – 2 Watford

Southampton 2 – 1 Watford

Southampton have finally started to score goals and at home should out score Watford. Watford are a strange side, really good at times and then at other times extremely indifferent to themselves. Still I must back the Saints here for the 3 points.

Southampton 0 – 0 Watford

I genuinely don’t enjoy watching these two play, but they both look better than last season. Cancels each other out.

Southampton 1 – 1 Watford

Southampton should be favourites for this match but Watford have an early season resilience about them. Like West Brom they fight tooth and nail until they reach the perceived 40 point safety margin before the wheels come off. Southampton is a fixture they will think they can get a point from.

RESULT Stoke 2 – 2 Manchester United

Stoke 1 – 2 Manchester United

I can see Stoke scoring a goal, but in the form United are in surely they’ll do enough for all 3 points here!

Stoke 0 – 2 Manchester United

Man United like beating Mark Hughes. They are currently playing decent football and will be tested but I expect the Red Devils to win

Stoke 0 – 1 Manchester United

The United faithful will demand a win away at Mark Hughes’ Stoke. Fortunately it’s only autumn for the visit to the Britannia. Expect a physical battle with the winner late in the 2nd half of the match.

RESULT Burnley 1 – 0 Crystal Palace

Burnley 2 – 1 Palace

Another week another Palace loss. Frank de Boer has come in and tried to make a game plan work on a side that isn’t set up for it at all. Unless he changes his mind set it will be another disappoiting week for the Palace fans. Burnely have been well organised and shown they can score good goals, I think this organisation will be the diffrence.

Burnley 1 – 0 Crystal Palace

This is a battle of who is worse. Crystal Palace are in my opinion

Burnley 1 – 0 Crystal Palace

Palace are in dire straights. Three straight defeats leave them bottom of the table with a fourth on the cards at Burnley.

RESULT Swansea 0 – 1 Newcastle

Swansea 1 – 2 Newcastle

Tough one to call but the goals against West Ham will have lifted the spirits at Newcastle. I think Benitez will use them to get some momentum going. Swansea haven’t looked like they have much to offer without Gilfi and Llorente playing. Newcastle win for me.

Swansea 0 – 2 Newcastle

I think Newcastle have a squad and manager good enough for mid table, while Swansea made a transfer profit after narrowly missing relegation!!!

Swansea 0 – 1 Newcastle

The welsh outfit have conducted some strange transfer business, with their best striker leaving and former hero and City reject, Bony returning. It will be a tough afternoon and probably an awful match to watch. Magpies take the points home.

RESULT: West Ham 2 – 0 Huddersfield

West Ham 0 – 0 Huddersfield

Could it be the end for Bilic? West Ham have looked like relegation material this season, and something needs to change quickly for this to change. Bilic might be this change… Huddersfield have started their promotion season fantastically and I can see this playing out to a 0-0 draw.

West Ham 0 -0 Huddersfield

Surely the end of the rot has to come for West Ham at some point and the incredible start for Huddersfield has to end. Lets see if it happens on Monday.

West Ham 1 – 0 Huddersfield

Strangely they have both played Newcastle and Southampton in their opening 3 fixtures and based on the results, you might think Huddersfield should win but this is also West Ham’s first home match after shipping 10 goals in three matches away from home. Bilic had a few days to work with his new recruits and will hope to have a bit more steel in defense. Joe Hart needs to put some quality performances in to save his reputation.

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Dirk’s Score


Tyron’s Score


Marcel’s Score


This season we score things a little differently, we’ll award 3 points to the outright winner or 1 each for draws. The loser gets none!

Name Rounds Wins Draws Losses Points
 Marcel 1  1  0  0  3
 Tyron  1  0  0  1  0
 Dirk  1  0  0  1  0



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