2011 Honda CR-V Review

The new Honda CRV is quite differently styled to the previous model and I think it is a step forward. It looks as if it wants you to take it more seriously, and once you’re behind the steering wheel, you do. What I enjoyed immediately was the sense of comfort and space you have in the car. The CRV is for me a Mommy’s Taxi, and it fills that mode perfectly. It doesn’t try to be more than that.

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The ride is extremely comfortable. The suspension is soft but doesn’t wallow. There isn’t even noticeable body roll. The automatic gearbox was excellent and allowed for good acceleration, which is important. I have found some bigger cars and SUVs have sluggish automatic boxes which makes passing other cars very difficult. The CRV, however, was excellent here and I found the vehicle in general an absolute pleasure to drive. Everything in the car seems to be designed for comfort. The only real complaint I had was that perhaps the brakes were slightly “spongy”, then abrupt when they came on.


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The beige interior I had was a little too prone to marks for me and considering the target market  I would have preferred a darker colour. Having said that, the seating was spacious and comfortable. We took the rear seats down completely in the car without too much hassle, although there was already plenty of boot space. It also has a clever leveler in the boot area and throughout the car there was clever use of space which I quite enjoyed. Above the rear view mirror there is a compartment that folds that has a mirror and a place to store your sunglasses! For the ladies it would actually be the perfect mirror with which to check your makeup and also a neat storage space for lipsticks etc. I would have liked to have a Sat-Nav in the car as well.

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There are lovely touches throughout the car, such as the automatic head lights, automatic rain sensor and the rearview mirror even has a green tinge to it for those bright following lights. The car is all about necessity and comfort. If you are looking for outright performance or 4×4 capabilities, this is not the car for you. If you are looking for a passenger car with room for loads of kids and loads of boot space, then this is definitely a car for you. The consumption isn’t half bad either! While I was driving the car it averaged around 11 litres per 100 kms. Considering the weight of the car I’d be extremely happy with that stat.


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I am impressed with the new face lift of the CRV – it looks a lot more the part. It’s up against the Xtrail now rather then the RAV4. The car’s performance is good, the comfort is excellent. From a driver’s perspective I would’ve liked a slightly larger engine but then again, I’m not yet a ‘Soccer Mom’ so this car isn’t aimed at me at all. When it comes to comfort and accessibility, I think the car is excellent. It is perfect for children and groceries and lunches in Lonehill or Constantia.

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Stats that matter:

Price: R425,377.00

Engine: 2.4 litre V-Tec

Nice extras including a Sliding Sun Roof and Heated Seats.

Multi-functional Steering Wheel. (That is actually easy to use!)

Gearbox: 5 speed Automatic.

Competitors and Pricing:

  • BMW X1 xDrive 20d AT – R438,775.00
  • Chevrolet Captiva 2,0 VCDi LTZ – R433,180.00
  • Dodge Journey 2,7 R/T AT – R334,900.00
  • Ford Everest 3,0 TDCi 4 x4 XLT AT – R407,810.00
  • KIA Sportage AWD CRDi 2,0 AT – R334,995.00
  • Land Rover Freelander 2,2 SD4 AT – R489,995.00
  • Nissan X-Trail 2,5 Petrol CVT LE – R395,000.00
  • Renault Koleos 2,0dCi Dynamic Premium 4×4 AT – R439,900.00
  • Subaru Forester 2,5 XT SportShift – R420,000.00

Once again we’re lucky enough that our tame supermodel, Robyn Hobson, has given us her opinion on the Honda CRV.

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Robyn’s corner:

This car does shout Mum’s taxi, but even though I am not a Mummy and don’t have plans to be anytime soon., I quite like it. The lines are soft, it looks solid and it radiates comfort; it’s definitely more safety than sexy.

I’m probably about to fuel the female-driver stereotype further with this next comment,  but I like the fact that the car takes care of certain decisions (rain sensor, light sensors) for me. Frankly it’s one less thing I and harassed Mums have to worry about. Plus I’m confident that with this car, I could successfully jostle with the bigger SUVs in games of parking-lot warfare. I currently avoid them as my car is pea-sized and no one takes it seriously.

The only thing I’m not sold on is the light interior. I find it an odd choice because kids are known for being pretty messy in their spare time. Apart from that, it ticks all the boxes on the wish list of a busy soccer Mum.


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