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Houghton Golf Club Review –  August 2016

Houghton Golf Club is a sought after playing destination since its revamp in recent times by the Jack Nicklaus Group. Speaking for myself, I have played here on 2 occasions since the upgrade and I must say with all honesty that I really like what I experience at Houghton. From the time you arrive to the time you leave, you know you are at a well-run club with top rate facilities. For the everyday golfer Houghton is a real treat and is definitely a course to add to your bucket list. Most courses don’t get the finer details right, but here you can sense they have decided to be a first class facility and that message has been drilled into all the staff whom you encounter.

I am going on here a bit, but I assure you that this is not an advert for Houghton, just my sense and experience of the Club.  As I often mention, the quality of my round of golf can often taint my view of a venue. When I play awfully it is always the course which is at fault, but when I play well the course seems to be kind and forgiving and the first beer tastes that little bit better. So on this occasion, I would rate that I played a little better than average for me. I always classify this as a good day as any regular golfer will know, even an average round feels better than those days when everything is horrible.

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They say in golf that it only takes one shot to make it a memorable round. So standing on the fairway of a par 5 just four holes from the end and deciding whether to take on the green with my second. As per most Nicklaus courses it looks like there are about a hundred bunkers all around the green and I can only see the top of the flag. As a mid-handicapper I am weighing up having a blast at it or knocking up a 9 iron short of the now growing number of bunkers (about a million now). I casually mention my dilemma to my playing partner. He asks me one question. Have you had your glory shot yet today? Glory shot? The one that brings you back for more. I thought about it and decided that although I had played pretty well that day that I had not had my “Glory Shot”. So it was decided, I pulled out my hybrid and smacked it. It turned out to be the one. On the green and putting for that elusive Eagle. Going to remember that in future…you always need to have that one Glory Shot.

So I really like everything about Houghton. The course is dry it being in the midst of our rainless winter, but in very good condition. You can see Scott and his team work hard on this course. Greens are good but true and fair. Clubhouse, Pro Shop, food and the locker rooms are great. The service is also superb and there is free wi-fi. I highly recommend Houghton Golf Club and I am already looking forward to playing there again in the near future.

Oh, I missed the Eagle and had to settle for a Birdie (but I take those gratefully).

My scariest hole – Number 18 – par 4 – The second  shot has water left, clubhouse right and a skinny undulating green. A really tough hole to finish on. I’ll take a 5 here everyday.

My favourite hole – Number 4 – par 4 – difficult hole but a great view from the tee.

Overall Experience rating by the Everyday Golfer: 9.5 out of 10.

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